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Thermopot We introduce to You 1) 2) a pot, that:

  • needs significantly less cooking energy than traditional pots
  • keeps cooked food or drinks warm for a longer time
  • is safe to touch when cooking, because its outer surface remains just warm, but not hot, and you will not burn Yourself
    • this also applies to the temperature of the induction cooker itself, which is heated from the pot
  • is designed for electromagnetic induction cookers
    • in the future it is possible to design other variants applicable to electric resistance or gas cookers or other external sources of heat - such as fire
  • can be used for a common cooking at atmospheric pressure or as a pressure pot with an overpressure valve
  • can also be used to retain cold food or beverages
  • was designed to be durable and practical
  • should be affordable for people to accompany them when preparing healthy meals and drinks
  • was developed by a company CeMaS for more environmentally friendly cooking and energy saving with a respect to healthier nature


Thermopot with a lid We made the first test prototype of the thermopot and made its measurements during cooking on an induction cooker. We compared it with a traditional pot on an induction cooker by cooking the same amount of water at the same ambient temperature.

We have come to these results:

  • In both cases we boiled the water roughly equally fast. The prototype was not fully tuned and therefore it showed greater heat losses than would be the case with an improved model where we expect further heat savings.
  • We then kept the water boiling. Our prototype required about 20% less electricity than a conventional pot.

The prototype thus demonstrates energy savings and can be expected to be even more efficient after it is tuned to perfection.


The pot is to be prepared for production, subsequent distribution and sale. If you can and you would like to participate, contact us at termohrnec@ce-ma-s.net and help us bringing it to life, to be available to people. We will discuss the details and let you know more about the production of pots of this type.

We offer you this way - At a personal meeting, we will conclude a Contract of Confidentiality in Czech that will enable you:

  1. to watch and test our prototype in action
  2. after verifying the prototype and your agreement to continue in our transfer of detail information about its functionality and construction to You for a purpose of your further development, production and subsequent distribution to end users.

Thermopot in a kitchen

By buying a Thermopot you will also support the development of other CeMaS's clean technologies. We look forward to your feedback and good cooperation.

Team CeMaS

Thermopot in a kitchen Thermopot in a kitchen

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