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If You like our way, You can also help us in various ways, according to Your possibilities, so that we can achieve more good together.

Have a look at projects and You can join us.

Good thoughts and feelings will help when focused well and there is an open receiver. Words and deeds as well.

Experiences and Skills

If You have an experience, You could use it to advice well sometimes. We do not know all and so many things can be enhanced just with Your skills. Let us pinpoint few possibilities, where You could help:

  • Device prototyping
  • Physical process simulation (plasma and fluid dynamics)
  • Alternative electronics circuits and devices such a Tesla coils etc.
  • Monitoring and control systems (microcontrollers, laboratory hardware and software)
  • Experiments and ideas (plasma and magnetic, scalar or otherwise named natural fields, flow of fluids)


If You have any equipment which could help us or facilitate our work, You can lend it to us or donate. These equipments could be useful for us:

  • Digital oscilloscope with display and PC connection
  • 3D printer or simple CNC/laser for material machining
  • Microcontrollers, sensors, etc.
  • Power supplies: High and Low voltage
  • Cameras: highspeed, infrared, etc.

Each project has different needs which are continuously changing and evolving, hence we will be specifying them at each project during our further development.


Financing of devices, equipment and our work is matter of continuous development as well as our general activity. Our priority is, in this respect, maintaining independence and guarantee availability of developed technologies and knowledge to public for the common good.

You can donate smaller or greater amount to our transparent account - see Contact.

If You would like to invest more, we are open to discussion and finding a way satisfying both sides. You can choose from our projects according to Your interests and contact us.

Thank you.

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