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About us

CeMaS logo Nonprofit organization CeMaS - Center of Magnetic Light is established to develop knowledge and clean technologies using preferably plasmatic magnetic fields, nanotechnology and other based on harmonic cooperation with nature, from which we learn admirably, and support of true humanity.

Research and applications of plasmatic magnetic fields and their interactions create together with nanotechnologies new opportunities for advances in energetics, transportation, agriculture, health care, new materials, environment cleaning and overaly in support of healthier life and humanity.

It includes preparation of developing device prototypes, their testing and progress of measuring and controlling systems.

The company will share the knowledge in a form accessible to public, like lectures etc.

We evolve our visions and plans step by step in various projects you can join in as well.


CeMaS z.ú.

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    • +420 776 129 658
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    • 038 49 210
  • Seat
    • Hřbitovní 371
    • Slušovice
    • 763 15
    • Czech Republic
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CeMaS company is registered from 16th of March 2015:

From history

We have met ourselves in year 2013 as people from Czechia, Moravia and Slovakia supporting clean technologies and knowledge so at the end of 2014 we have decided to establish our own company open to similarly tuned people and we call it CeMaS.

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