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Visions and plans

Doing a research and development of clean technologies is an adventurous journey in synergy of open mind, heart, intuition, luck and aspiration to good cooperation, which enables us to continue step by step on this path.

We have ideas and visions but much we still do not know. Our endeavor with humbleness and support of running energy out of the highest Source gives us hope that we will successfully help for a good thing.

Practical results of any partial progress enabling production of useful devices will help as well.

Among other possibilities of knowledge and clean technology development we would like to dedicate ourselves especially to:

Our vision is clear: new clean technologies and knowledge for benefit of the mankind and protection of the nature.

We gratefully welcome any help from those who sympathize with this vision and who would like to be part of this project. The help could be in any form - supporting thought, sharing of experiences and knowledge, being a part of our team or financial support, etc.

We can offer to you openness, transparency, responsibility, effort and sharing our results with public in a form of knowledge or practical products.

Every project has its own path and despite that the projects are intended as a whole and cooperation to be mutually supported.

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