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Natural Knowledge

New fruitful views in a world of science mean for me following true causes and connections in our inner and also outer world.

It necessarily merges both spiritual and material ways into single whole.

It is a view from above, from first causes down towards effects.

I am building more at this place and You can join.

Especially I am focused on knowledge development and application including spiritual inspirations in understanding Creation of our Creator.

This is my current view summary:

Flowing Fluid Creation

The existence of God, of Force, of Light is the condition under which all Creations have come into being. For living Light and living Force cannot but radiate and the rays emitted are the bearers of all that is necessary for Creation.
But the rays emitted are not the Light itself.
… It is the result or operation of a more or less strong motion that forms, preserves and destroys all things in Creation.
- Abdrushin

Our Creator is Prime Mover who initiated motions of all created which forms as pulsing fluid flows connecting everything in hierarchical system of closing cycles. This Only Source also maintains the flows.

A higher or more intense flow cycle bears and maintains its lower or less intense flow cycles. Each cycle is a pulsing fluid flow form including us, people.

Higher cycles are closer to the Source and lower cycles are further away.

All flow aspects and variations named by us with many words are just expressions of the fluid motion which streams in myriads of interacting streams.

Long ago he (mankind) recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, of a tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Ākāśa 1) or luminiferous ether, 2) which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or creative force, 3) calling into existence, in never ending cycles, all things and phenomena. The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance.
- Nikola Tesla


The most probable surmise or guess at present is that the ether is a perfectly incompressible continuous fluid, in a state of fine-grained vortex motion, circulating with that same enormous speed. For it has been partly, though as yet incompletely, shown that such a vortex fluid would transmit waves of the same general nature as light waves — i.e., periodic disturbances across the line of propagation — and would transmit them at a rate of the same order of magnitude as the vortex or circulation speed.
- Nikola Tesla
  • Simplest fluid in motion originated and maintained by God
    • The fluid has no properties, no parts, except an ability to flow, and is a continuum
  • The fluid flow motion gives rise to all phenomena like
    • Conception of space and time
    • Substance, spiritual and material, with various flow forms
    • Interactions respecting the Laws

Current scientific world has some limitations, which when overcome would allow good developments:

  • Material only orientation
    • Because all is in hierarchical flow connection and higher maintains lower, seeing only lower levels prevents proper cause discovery
  • Mathematics centric descriptions
    • Mathematical language in various dialects is used to describe physical phenomena and real phenomena is quite often hidden behind the mathematics loosing the clarity and understanding
  • Unknown physical quantities
    • Description is based on physical quantities expressions, but there is no real understanding of qualities and origin of these quantities
  • Mainstream teachings pretend to be well developed
    • Teaching physics and other sciences at schools often pretends all is well developed and known, but the unresolved problems are usually hidden to students which can cause wrong seeming of not needing any further openness and developments

In order to move further and promote deeper understanding I suggest to:

  • Embrace the Creator and His helping messages and acts
    • Cause and effects must be respected in order to learn the Laws
    • God creates and maintains His Creation, but is not part of it, and is independent
    • We are created together with all the worlds and beings and are dependent on His giving
  • Enhance openness and sharing of various life views
    • Opening of various life experience sharing in order to view the rich world in and around us from different perspectives
  • Develop better understanding of various levels of flowing Creation
    • Strive to deepen understanding of flowing forms and aspects of their expressions
  • Develop better mathematical language which would be able to better describe the fluid Creation
    • Less developed language may be a block of expressiveness and better developed language may promote it and allow new views
  • Respect the hierarchy
    • Let our spiritual inner self steer our material intellect, but not vice versa

This all requires lots of work, but the work is worth to do. Also little step forward is better then no step and may help others to go further.


For later energy production, there will be no need for coal because there will be new sources of power.
There will be new sources receiving tones from far away worlds.
- Abdrushin
Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe. This idea is not novel… We find it in the delightful myth of Antheus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians… Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic.? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic – and this we know it is, for certain – then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.
- Nikola Tesla

Deep knowledge of Creation we are part of allows us to better maintain and steer our lives in proper direction leading to higher spiritual Home when properly used for our inner awakening. This is connected with getting awareness and helping each other on the way while thanking our Creator by fulfilled life.

While learning in our lives on this lower Earth material plane of existence, we can learn also, step by step, how to envision and prepare tools helping us on the way which would be in tune with natural order of all flows, which is an expression of God`s Will and Love.

New ways of connecting well harmonized machines serving humanity to natural flows are a matter of our better spiritual awareness which will always get support from above.

Inspirations from higher worlds, where deeper understanding of the Laws is alive, are helping those willing to help all goodness.

Marek Ištvánek

People Involved

MI: glowing space
MI: now renamed to quantum or physical vacuum
MI: chi, …
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