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Plans for first subsidised 5 year period

Realizing of our visions and plans in subsidised time period is as follows:


  1. Development of the management and control laboratory software SenseLab
  2. Development of the basic plasmatic reactors prototypes controlled by SenseLab software
  3. Analysis of gathered experiences and measured data, summarizing and sharing knowledge and specifying further progress

Two paths, one goal

Among many options how to fund this project there exist two ways leading to the objective. Both begins by first period planned for 5 years.

Minimal plan

Minimal plan counts with gradual progress in humbler conditions with slower movement.

There will be stated matters born on the plan in the left column.

Ideal plan

Ideal plan contains optimal prospects of the progress.

There will be stated matters born on the plan in the right column.

Background and employment opportunities

Development and application of the technologies will be executed in area of Vizovice and will offer new employment opportunities in the region. New employment opportunities in form of external cooperation will be also possible but in other fields of business.

A gradual company progress is planned, number of research employees will grow on actual demand.

There will be realized assistance for employees' children by kindergarten with capacity of 15 children. The kindergarten will be used by employees' children preferentially and then by children of local region.

The kindergarten will be connected with nature as well as can be. Looking after children will be performed with adequate care and solicitude.

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